fantasy running order

Amazing weather, at least in the morning.

Into Walker for a meeting. Quite like meetings, although they leave me with a list of Things To Do, which will have to wait until Wednesday. Ho hum.

Home, move some things around, deliver boxes and take more stuff to the dump.

I buy a new app for my phone to track my exercise, which means that I need to go for a run. It’s astonishingly sad that the most reliable way to motivate me to do something is to buy a new bit of software to do it with. Which sort of explains why I never got very much done before I had a computer.

Also begin to work out a fantasy running order for a Passport Sessions compilation. Fantasy, because it would depend on the agreement of all the participants and I can’t see all of them agreeing, but I may be wrong. Sounds surprisingly good, considering the panic conditions that many of them were recorded under.