most of them are spilling out of pubs

Up, Supermarket.

Spend some time cleaning shelves. I really should do this more often – take the books off, vacuum them, put them back. Even though nothing’s moved, everything looks shiny.

Out, walk up to London Graphic Centre to get a clip-frame for the 2003 Mendoza tour poster and some picture-hanging paraphernalia. The town is full of people, many of whom are wearing those medals they give successful Marathon contestants. In fact, most of them are spilling out of pubs onto the street. Walk home.

Once I’ve got home and snacked somewhat, pick up CDs for Lucho from Elisa N, then, after dinner, wander round to the Stage Door to watch some of the open mic. I lurk in the background with beer. It’s cosier than it was last time I visited, partly due to changing some of the furniture around, partly due to a change of management (open mic, not pub).

Home. Frame picture. Bed.