Too many people!

Up late, breakfast, then addressing some chaos that’s been lurking in the living room for a little too long. Chaos addressed, I go out for a run, then after my return and shower we walk up to Tate Modern, check out the current photographic exhibition (Too many people! Can’t really see the pictures), have a drink in the Members’ Room, then stroll up the river and home.

I burn some CDs, make dinner, we watch a bit of TV, then do the toast.

including hurdy gurdy

In the evening to Brixton Library, where they often have concerts, to see William D Drake perform, with his small-but-perfectly-formed band including hurdy gurdy, which is a surprisingly effective instrument for playing plangent solos on; and supported by Arch Garrison, A.K.A. Craig Fortnum, A.K.A. the mastermind behind North Sea Radio Orchestra. Lovely.

which is not only nice, but also free

Much the same timetable as the rest of the week – up, sit, breakfast, run, prepare, work. Except not at Walker.

Also I book tickets to see William D Drake at the Brixton Library tomorrow, which is not only nice, but also free.

In the afternoon to a meeting with Denise – well, sitting on the South Bank discussing stuff, which is essentially a meeting. We get a fair amount done, which is nice.

Haru comes home early as she’s not feeling well. In fact I also need a bit of a lie down before making dinner. And then some more work. And then I make tomorrow’s breakfast (it’s an experimental thing).

down the Old Kent Road to freedom

Up, sit, breakfast and after H goes to work I go for a run. Then to Mandela Way to collect… well, I have two cards to say they’ve attempted to deliver a packet, so it could be two packets, or the same packet twice.

I take the 453, a soon-to-be-gone bendy bus, which I quite like. I notice another passenger get on and avoid registering her Oyster card. She looks nervous. I suppose that’s the main thing that actually paying for a ticket on public transport assures you, freedom from nervousness. As it turns out she gets off at the same stop, and is also on her way to the collection office. So she turns around and sees me come in. I wonder if she thought I was pursuing her, for non-payment of bus fare? Very, very unlikely.

It’s two packets. I put them in my bag and set off again, inadvertently stalking the same woman until she turns left down the Old Kent Road to freedom, and I turn left up it to employment. Then I catch a bus to the Elephant and walk to Walker.

More corrections, with a nice sit in the sunshine at lunchtime.

After lunch I remember something I should have done over the weekend and make a noise so loud that the other people in the office are momentarily worried.

Home. Do that thing I should have done. Make dinner. Do some font work.

as long as it’s eatable, edible and pleasant tasting

Up at 6:00, sit, breakfast. H goes to work and I go for a run (!). At this time of day it’s still not too hot (though quite warm) despite the blue skies.

Home, shower, prepare, off to Walker. More almost-final-corrections. Lunch on the balcony in the sun, which is nice.

Home at 6:00 and cook dinner – something with chicken. Beginning to enjoy this cooking thing. The trick for me seems to be not to have any idea what I’m going to make when I start out. That way, as long as it’s eatable, edible and pleasant tasting, I’ve not got anything wrong.

not really after that

Very sunny day, apparently. I saw it when I went to get the shopping, but not really after that.

Did some work and some cooking and no going-to-the-local-open-mic. And then some more work. Trying to think of excitements, but none, really, although I do seem to be waking up now (having been semi-comatose for a few weeks. I have to write a lot of “Sorry I’ve not replied to your email” emails, and as a penance I think I should probably write them all out rather than copying and pasting. Not that I would do that, anyway).

So now I have a big squeegee.

The highlight of the day – apart from Dr Who, I suppose, but a man of my advancing years and circumference probably ought tone that down – is a visit to Robert Dyas to get some odd objects. A microwave omelette maker (oh, why not? It’s not as if I have any idea how to make a good omelette otherwise). A microwave bacon crisper. Some stick on soles for a pair of shoes that have worn down so much they’re dangerously slippy in wet weather. A window-cleaning squeegee on a long pole, as I thought, since there’s scaffolding up outside, I could climb up and clean the windows for once.

That said, when I get home and see how far up I’d have to climb I get struck with nervousness for the whole idea. So now I have a big squeegee.

Make a salad with prawns fried in mustard for dinner. Suprisingly successful.

I should get out more.

Hmm. I ought to be posting things, but I’m not really doing anything interesting. In the evening I walked up to the Bennett group, but apart from that it was just bits of work, really. I was surprised when I went out at 6:20 that the sun was shining and it was warm outside. I should get out more.

I tell him it’s just a tie.

In the morning, more file rebuilding, in the afternoon to Walker, where I find that all I need to do is copy over the file I made on Friday, although this takes an hour to do.

Home, then out again to Tokyo Diner and the pictures (Four Lions). A passer-by asks me what regiment my tie is. I tell him it’s just a tie. He’s not well pleased.

The movie is terrific, and actually quite sad, although this is something they’re careful not to mention in the promotional material.

Walk home. Touched for money by two Big Issue sellers. Find more elephants.