Appropriately whelmed

General Bank Holiday day.

Up late, simple fry-up for breakfast (quite complicated on only one ring, actually), then a bit of dithering, posting some notes to a place I need to post notes to and cleaning the kitchen shelving unit.

In the late afternoon, walk up to the National Theatre, listen to some free music, then walk along the Embankment in the surprisingly chilly sun and then home. Good to get out of the house for a bit.

Walk past a number of those brightly-coloured elephants they’ve been painting in the Elephant & Castle Shopping Centre for a long time. Very impressive actually – thought I’d be underwhelmed, but I’m… well, not overwhelmed. Appropriately whelmed, I suppose.

Home, order Indian Takeaway, then go and take it away. Eat same, while watching the second disk of The Wire Season Five, counting down to the end.