something incriminating

I spend the whole day cleaning the bedroom, which for various strange reasons I need to do today. I begin at the large shelves with the computer on, and work my way around the room clockwise, taking everything off the shelves and vacuuming everything. When I get to the window I take down the blind, clean the frames and the glass as thoroughly as I can (they’ve got very dirty!) and put frosting film up. Or at least I put it up on two panes – one sheet gets hopelessly mangled. So I have to go out and get another roll.

Walk up to London Graphic Centre and buy the roll of frosting film (they’ve got those really big clipframes back in, interestingly enough, but I don’t get one), walk home again, on the way getting a can of compressed air and a can of 8-in-1 oil. And an office chair for Haru (I’ve just moved a desk I’ve had since I was very young into place beneath the window for her to sit at).

See more of those painted elephants, this time outside Sadler’s Wells.

Home, put up the new sheet of frosting film and then carry on cleaning around the room. More or less get all the computer stuff back onto the shelves by the time H gets home.

Eat Bombay Mix and drink tea. I go for a lie down. H makes dinner. After dinner, I do some audio stuff.

The bedroom now looks potentially quite good, the living room looks like it’s been turned over by Special Branch looking for something incriminating. Ho hum.