upcoming “Psychic Supper”

To Bath to visit Sara and the family. I notice the promised warm weather hasn’t appeared. Get to Bath, lift to Sara’s, then out to lunch. Pub is announcing an upcoming “Psychic Supper”. No idea what that is. Not sure that I like the idea of a meal that has those sorts of powers. Unless they mean “Psychotic Supper”. Which would be even worse.

After lunch, pleasant walk around the Botanical Gardens and allotments, then back for tea (I inspect more paperwork from a J’s school, and am duly appalled – the Religious Studies textbook is not only inane and narrowly focused, it’s factually wrong in many places and wholly irrelevant to the subject in others), and a lift back to the station, by which time it’s rained so much the concourse is flooded.

Home, tea, then I go out and get noodles. Watch Channel 4’s 50 Best Videos thing, which would be better named “50 Videos we have talking heads to jabber inanely about”. I swear, the people who are appearing on these programmes are becoming so dim, they compare unfavourably with plant life.