So now I have a big squeegee.

The highlight of the day – apart from Dr Who, I suppose, but a man of my advancing years and circumference probably ought tone that down – is a visit to Robert Dyas to get some odd objects. A microwave omelette maker (oh, why not? It’s not as if I have any idea how to make a good omelette otherwise). A microwave bacon crisper. Some stick on soles for a pair of shoes that have worn down so much they’re dangerously slippy in wet weather. A window-cleaning squeegee on a long pole, as I thought, since there’s scaffolding up outside, I could climb up and clean the windows for once.

That said, when I get home and see how far up I’d have to climb I get struck with nervousness for the whole idea. So now I have a big squeegee.

Make a salad with prawns fried in mustard for dinner. Suprisingly successful.