down the Old Kent Road to freedom

Up, sit, breakfast and after H goes to work I go for a run. Then to Mandela Way to collect… well, I have two cards to say they’ve attempted to deliver a packet, so it could be two packets, or the same packet twice.

I take the 453, a soon-to-be-gone bendy bus, which I quite like. I notice another passenger get on and avoid registering her Oyster card. She looks nervous. I suppose that’s the main thing that actually paying for a ticket on public transport assures you, freedom from nervousness. As it turns out she gets off at the same stop, and is also on her way to the collection office. So she turns around and sees me come in. I wonder if she thought I was pursuing her, for non-payment of bus fare? Very, very unlikely.

It’s two packets. I put them in my bag and set off again, inadvertently stalking the same woman until she turns left down the Old Kent Road to freedom, and I turn left up it to employment. Then I catch a bus to the Elephant and walk to Walker.

More corrections, with a nice sit in the sunshine at lunchtime.

After lunch I remember something I should have done over the weekend and make a noise so loud that the other people in the office are momentarily worried.

Home. Do that thing I should have done. Make dinner. Do some font work.