Which is what I did.

Up early, sit, run, then out for breakfast with H, who’s having a day off, and after that walk up to the British Museum for the Renaissance drawings exhibition, which I found stunning – the best thing about being there first thing on a Monday morning is that you can go from picture to picture with your nose about two inches from the glass. Which is what I did. Given that the paintings these artists are known for were done by studios, this is as close as we get to the artists, and they have a wonderful life and flow to them, often in contrast with the paintings they were sketches for.

Good lord, I just realised – today I saw Leonardo da Vinci’s design for a tank from about three inches away. With his handwriting on it and everything.

Then a coffee in the courtyard bit, walked to Muji on Tottenham Court Road, then to Fopp, then Robert Dyas, then another drink outside the Royal Festival Hall, then home. Didn’t buy anything apart from the drinks and a pack of freezer bags in Robert Dyas.

Minor, ultimately pointless, kerfuffle in the afternoon. Work. Dinner. More work.