at least I verified that it still exists

Went for a long walk – I actually only meant to walk up to Maplins to get DV tapes for next week, but they didn’t have the ones I was looking for (actually, there’s considerably less media of all kinds, which is slightly worrying), so I end up walking to ProTapes. Which is closed, of course, but at least I verified that it still exists. So then I walk home, buying clip-frames and a halogen oven. As one does. Home. Rearranging the kitchen to fit the halogen thing in. I like it better – more space Doctor Who – lovely tonight. What would traditionally be the Doctor-lite episode, except it was a Doctor-heavy (should that be -hevi?) and Amy-lite. Then we eat dinner and watch the England team be middling against the U.S. team, and whatever else the TV decides to throw at us.