It’s been mostly scraping so far, anyway.

Up, sit, breakfast, wave H off, run, shower, dress.
There are workmen outside on the scaffolding, which makes me at least moderately self-conscious. I’d like to think when all this is done, everything will be fine, but I worry, partly because I can hear their conversation and I heard one chap tell another chap “just mix it up like Polyfilla”. Last time they were all Polish, so I avoided all that. Ho hum. It’s been mostly scraping so far, anyway.
After lunch, rather than staring at the screen not sure what to do, I went for a walk – all the way to Oxford Street. I come back with three second-hand ties, a loofah mitt, a lemon, a lime and a pack of halloumi. I also saw the iPad for the first time, but there were too many people in the Apple Store to allow me to pick one up. Good thing too. Don’t want to fall foul of TECHNOLUST.
Make dinner (I’d conjectured that as Prawns and Avocado was nice, and Halloumi and Avocado was nice, all three would be very nice. And I was right), then stumble upon the longest tennis match of all time. When we start watching it was already at nine hours, and we watch it for an hour.
Some small bits and pieces. Still not sure what to do with the thing I wasn’t sure what to do with so I went for a walk. Perhaps that will necessitate another walk. Perhaps walking won’t help.
I wonder if that tennis match will finish tomorrow.