now occupied by refugee stuff

Up at 6:00, sit, breakfast. No run today – don’t want to strain my foot again.
Some dithering in the morning, mostly listening to the builders talking amongst themselves. I think they know I’m at home (I heard one say that a large filthy mark on the window should be cleaned off “while he’s there”, which suggests that if I was out they’d leave it), but I don’t think they know I can hear everything they’re saying. There seems to be one guy who knows what he’s doing and a bunch of others that he has to explain everything to in minute detail. I don’t know whether that’s par for the course or not.
Some font work in the afternoon, with a break to watch the end of the endless tennis match.
In the evening watch Japan roundly defeat Denmark (quite exciting, actually), and then retire to the bedroom to do some bits and pieces and, finally, destroy the shelving (which also holds the computer, monitors, other monitors that are actually speakers and everything else. It takes about an hour to extricate, and the area of floor in the living room I cleared this morning is now occupied by refugee stuff from the bedroom. Such is the way, I suppose.