I want to see the flying robot creatures

Up at 7:00-ish, sit, run, shower and to the supermarket. While I’m running, the sky is totally cloudless, which is nice. Back from the supermarket, make and have breakfast.
At 12-ish, go for a walk with H – Up to the Embankment, then along to the RFH. It’s all very crowded now, interesting to compare with 7:30 this morning. I want to see the flying robot creatures, but they’re doing special shows, and the next one is at 15:30, so.
H suggests a glass of sherry, so we walk over to Gordon’s and spend a very pleasant hour or so sitting outside drinking a schooner of amontillado very slowly. In the theatre in the park there’s a band attempting to begin. When we’ve finished our drinks we sneak over there to have a look. One guitarist is finding it impossible to tune (he appears not to have heard of electronic guitar tuners), and at full volume, the drummer is playing randomly and occasionally the other players make random noises as well. It really is quite horrible, and probably not supposed to be like that. I’m faintly curious to find out what they sound like, but not so much that I’m impelled to stay. Someone else wanders in and asks whether this is what it’s supposed to sound like. I reply that it depends on whether you’re a Wire subscriber or not.
Back to the RFH, where the robot show now appears to be 17:30, so we give up and go home.
Lunch, then I lie down for a bit, then finish off the fonts I’ve been doing, then dinner (lunch and dinner weren’t that close together in real life), then watch The City of Lost Children on DVD.