one had the skeleton of a fly in it

Up… later than I’d like. Strange dreams, which I decided to hang in with. Don’t remember any detail, except that one had the skeleton of a fly in it. Little bones, arranged fly-form. Think on that. Apparantly I don’t know basic stuff about animals and their anatomy when I”m asleep.
In the morning – again don’t get things I’d like to achieve done, but do pick up a parcel that was sent to H, so not entirely useless.
In the afternoon go to Walker, do some Maisy stuff. Get slightly out-of-sorts because the situation, which had been defined, drifts into something approaching chaos. I should remember to make specific notes. Or something similar.
In the evening home, then continue working, including some photographs of pieces of folded paper. Not going to stun the world with my folded paper photography, that’s for sure.