get spat out into a panic

Up at 6:00, sit, breakfast and H goes to work. I contemplate going and running around for a bit, but decide against it. My foot has no objections, thought, which is big of it. I do have big feet. The main thing is the amount of time I have available between now and going in to Walker, and having something to finish off. Which is what I do, though I don’t get in early, rather not late. Something peculiar happens to time between about 8:30 and 10:30, and usually, having entered that period at a leisurely, optimistic pace at the beginning, get spat out into a panic, lurching towards 11:00. Or something like that, anyway.
So in Walker, doing stuff.
At lunchtime go to the cafe-in-the-art-gallery with Denise. Food very slow in arriving, but well worth it when it does. Having panicked somewhat, a torrential downpour (and it was bright sunshine when we went in) keeps us standing at the door for fifteen minutes, peering out. Eventually, when the pressure of weather relents, I make a run for the bus stop, bus to Elephant, pick up a repeat prescription from the doctor, try to get it filled at one chemist (who don’t have any), then get it mostly filled at another, then get back to Walker. I’d originally planned to be back for about 2:30, but it takes an hour longer than that. Time, again. Misbehaving. By the time I get back, the sun is shining again.
More stuff.
Chat to Ben after work, and get home about 20:00; home, dinner. Finding out how to beat map tracks in Logic. Quite a slow process, actually, or at least fiddly, though the result (matching inappropriate drum beats to tunes) is entertaining, to me at least.