some consternation and very impressive lighting effects

Fitful sleep. Revellers returning at 4:30, revelling and then lapsing into silence; supposed tent-mate returning at 6:00, peering into the tent, thinking better off it and scarpering (later discover he goes and finds a sofa to sleep on, which is very sensible indeed); There’s something tremendously noisy with geese. Can’t be more specific than that.
At 7:00 I roll up my sleeping bag and walk back to the house. Coffee and croissants, then some clearing up and washing up. There is an attempt to light a fire, though sadly the chimney isn’t very co-operative and the house fills with smoke, causing some consternation and very impressive lighting effects. More coffee, then sweeping floors.
People slowly appear, and the house comes to order.
Dismantle tent, which I’ve not done before. So there’s one skill I’ve learned over the weekend.
Hanging out, then departures, mostly to the local Country Fair. Dan gives me a lift to the nearest station. I’m on the verge of crashing, and feel some dissent in the digestive department and would rather get going as soon as possible. Miss the train by four minutes and go back to the pub I waited in yesterday. Landlord asks me how the party was. Due to time dilation effect, it doesn’t seem like yesterday, but much longer ago.
Back on the train. Change at Swindon again onto a train that’s hugely oversubscribed. Paddington, tube, home. Long hot shower. H makes hamburger steak for dinner, then I catch a couple of performances on the feed from the open-mic at the Stage Door. Generally feeling very tired.