On the way I encountered a synthetic barker

Although there were all sorts of things I should have been doing, I spent all afternoon walking up to the new Apple Store in Covent Garden, videoing whatever took my fancy on the way, and walking back in a similar mode. On the way I encountered a synthetic barker, an opera singer and various other things.

In the evening went to the Open Mic at the Ship – got kind of carried away with the video camera. Surprised I wasn’t remonstrated with.

an exclusion zone of madness

My birthday. Quite fun:
Went to the supermarket (OK, that bit wasn’t fun, per se, it’s not a hobby as such, supermarketry, but it needed to be done, so); home, chill, then went to have a drink with a couple of Metafilterians who were visiting London, then walked up to Chutneys of Drummond Street and ate copious Indian food with Haru.
After that we walked up to Islington, eventually located the 02 venue (which is sort of tucked away in the big shopping centre there), met Jacek and party, went to the pub and drank some very nice beer, named after Charles Darwin of all people, then back to the venu, met Mark and Sandra and Jacek and party again.
Long wait in the venue and eventually Adrian Belew and trio came on and played. Lots of loud fun, apart from one very distracted person in a blue anorak, a textbook case of someone with no personal presence whatsoever, who seemed to have an exclusion zone of madness around him. He attempted to engage Mr Belew in conversation for a bit, confusing him gently, and was replying to all the banter. He seemed to have the Difficult Person’s general impression that everything was about him.
Home, eat crisps and chocolate-covered ginger and watch Talking Heads live in Rome with Mr Belew from 1980 on YouTube. Go to bed a bit late.

the drinks prices were from the future

In the evening to see Wayter play in Shoreditch. Actually a nicer experience than a lot of gigs – there’s often something quite negative about them – the recent one in the pub on Mornington Crescent scores low on fun (but high on the strangeness factor), the one in Kentish Town professional but bloodless (the gig itself, not necessarily any of the performances), whereas this was good all round – large supportive audience who weren’t there necessarily to see any of the bands. Perhaps it helped that there was no payment on the door (though the drinks prices were from the future).

not so much broken as misbehaving

A day of not quite achieving all sorts of things. So there wasn’t very much fallow time, but nothing (for one reason or another) got finished. Which is frustrating.
Also, the microwave has given up the ghost. Well, it still turns on, times, makes noise, bings – everything you’d want a microwave to do except actually make things hot. So we’re finding out all the things that we didn’t think we used it for, but do. Kind of wish it was dead dead – because it shows all the signs of working apart from the doing-what-it’s-supposed to thing, I feel it’s not so much broken as misbehaving, and some kind of discipline might get it on the straight and reheating again.
Probably not, though.
Upload numerous videos and so forth, which feels a lot more productive than it actually is.

Anyway, not health food.

Kind of realised that I don’t update this as much as I’d like because I’m faintly embarrassed that my life isn’t as event-filled or interesting as I’d like it to be. I could always lie, I suppose…
Up and to the supermarket. Get home and cook large fry up. Or fry-and-grill up. Anyway, not health food.
Spend the first part of the day after that finalising the cut of Viv’s launch party on Friday.
In the afternoon, Tywi comes for tea, so we drink tea and chat and eat biscuits. After he leaves, I upload the video and make dinner (spicy Sauseree), and then after dinner watch a bit of the Stage Door open mic, upload the second video of Elephants and edit the video of Dave Russell from last Monday, which I’ll probably upload at some point.

evil fluence, etc

In the evening walk up to Kentish Town (quite an achievement in itself) to see Wayter play and take photographs. On the way, find a discarded stuffed tiger trying to climb a tree. At the gig, most of the audience stick to the back, which at least gives me room to move. Not sure what it is – the LCD lights, whatever setting I have on the camera, evil fluence, etc – but the pictures come out completely mad. Afterwards (and after some beer with Juan and the band) walk home again.

I’d positioned myself in completely the wrong place

During the day… don’t know. Fairly sure I did something, though. During the evening, visited the VAC, managed to record Dave Russell playing, which is nice (would have video’d myself, but I left the camera on a Gorillapod, found that it wasn’t pointed at me at all, or rather that I’d positioned myself in completely the wrong place for it. Audio came out, though, and I’ll probably put it on JP.com)