Anyway, not health food.

Kind of realised that I don’t update this as much as I’d like because I’m faintly embarrassed that my life isn’t as event-filled or interesting as I’d like it to be. I could always lie, I suppose…
Up and to the supermarket. Get home and cook large fry up. Or fry-and-grill up. Anyway, not health food.
Spend the first part of the day after that finalising the cut of Viv’s launch party on Friday.
In the afternoon, Tywi comes for tea, so we drink tea and chat and eat biscuits. After he leaves, I upload the video and make dinner (spicy Sauseree), and then after dinner watch a bit of the Stage Door open mic, upload the second video of Elephants and edit the video of Dave Russell from last Monday, which I’ll probably upload at some point.