remarkably camp Ecclesiastical outfitters

Up and check out. There doesn’t seem to be much point in bothering with the bitter foam, so we go to a couple of cafes near Termini for coffee. It looks very unlikely that we’ll be served at one, so we just walk out (it’s a very useful thing to know, this – you can just walk out of a place if they can’t be bothered to serve you), then walk down to the fora, which we decide not to go into when we discover that Haru (as a non-EU citizen) will be charged twice as much as me. Spend some time evading Italian gentlemen dressed as Roman soldiers, harrassing passers-by.
It’s colder than yesterday, but still not cold enough to necessitate the coat that I’m wearing/carrying.
Walk to the Pantheon, which I still find very impressive. Spend some time taking photographs of people taking photographs and spot the drainage holes in the floor (where the rain finds egress after it’s poured through the large hole in the roof.)
More walking, to traditional Roman confectioner’s for more coffee, past remarkably camp Ecclesiastical outfitters, then by foot and bus back to the Pizzeria we ate at on Saturday night (on the grounds that it was a lot nicer than anything we’d find in the tourist centre).
It’s still nice, though very busy (as it’s lunchtime).
Then back to Termini to pick up Haru’s bag, I buy tickets to the airport (one of the ticket machines is being booted by remote as I watch – it seems to run on Windows NT) and off we go.
The bit between the gate and the metal detector isn’t quite as mad as it was when I flew back after Sasso, but still a total mess. Eventually make it through and to the plane, which takes an inordinate amount of time to take off (word for the day: wait).
Standing on the railway platform I’m glad of the coat that seemed so useless in Roma. Get off at London Bridge – Haru goes home, I go via Waterloo East to the fish and chip shop. Late fish and chips, and bed.

a kind of bitter foam

Rome Day 2 – Up, go down to breakfast. Probably the worst coffee I’ve ever had – a kind of bitter foam, not really coffee at all. Out, wander around – past Termini (where there are buses of soccer hooligans being transported to the nearby stadium), then down past the Fora and across the river to meet Al, which takes a while and a bit of coordination. Have a nice lunch, wander some more, then a coffee and back to the hotel.
In the evening across to the venue, have a snack in the local cafe, then the gig and after the gig a nice time conversing with the team. Back to hotel, watch more figure skating and sleep.

a little more direct than I’d like

Am woken at five in the morning by a call from NHS Direct, or at least from the number 0845 4647. Do not call back. It seems a little more direct than I’d like. Then try to get back to sleep, drifting in and out of dreams. Spend the day, after Supermarket and breakfast, editing some more of the silly little films I’ve been posting here and catching up with various things I should have done ages ago. The films (or videos or whatever they’d be called now) are partly to give me practise editing stuff, partly because I like watching old films of what London was like x number of years ago, usually not the interesting bits, and I’m just trying to add data points for future archaologists. Not very interesting ones so far, but it’s early days yet.

Brain duly stormed

Up at six, sit, breakfast and (after H has left for work and I’ve had a shower) finish some of the work I was doing last night. Which I then send over as a PDF.
Then over to Peckham to brainstorm, something that happens in Peckham more often than you might imagine.
Brainstorming, then lunch, visiting Viv S’s new studio / gallery in the back of a remarkable shop.
Then back to brainstorming, cutting up pieces of paper and so forth.
Brain duly stormed, I come home.
Dinner is cooked.
After dinner I do more Wally, then amend a font, then add interactive buttons to a PDF of a form, and don’t quite get around to doing the thing I said I was going to do this evening (manifest the brainstorm). I do listen to UFO, though. Am I the only person who likes The Wild, The Willing and the Innocent more than, say, Force It? (According to a rumour on Wikipedia, the cover for the latter features Genesis P. Orridge and Cosi Fanny Tutti from Throbbing Gristle, which I’d quite like to believe is true, even if it’s probably not).
Bed quite late, then.