Brain duly stormed

Up at six, sit, breakfast and (after H has left for work and I’ve had a shower) finish some of the work I was doing last night. Which I then send over as a PDF.
Then over to Peckham to brainstorm, something that happens in Peckham more often than you might imagine.
Brainstorming, then lunch, visiting Viv S’s new studio / gallery in the back of a remarkable shop.
Then back to brainstorming, cutting up pieces of paper and so forth.
Brain duly stormed, I come home.
Dinner is cooked.
After dinner I do more Wally, then amend a font, then add interactive buttons to a PDF of a form, and don’t quite get around to doing the thing I said I was going to do this evening (manifest the brainstorm). I do listen to UFO, though. Am I the only person who likes The Wild, The Willing and the Innocent more than, say, Force It? (According to a rumour on Wikipedia, the cover for the latter features Genesis P. Orridge and Cosi Fanny Tutti from Throbbing Gristle, which I’d quite like to believe is true, even if it’s probably not).
Bed quite late, then.