overrun with deer

Get up early and are served breakfast in the room – interesting to note that a Big Japanese breakfast includes omelette and kipper, though also hot tofu and pickles.
Go to nearby San-ju San-gen temple (no cameras allowed), where there are over a thousand many-armed Buddha statues and an ongoing service, though enough visitors to take the edge off it.
Then to Inoda’s for excellent coffee, and then the train to Nara.
Nara is even older than Kyoto, with a huge park of temples. It’s also (the park part, anyway), overrun with deer, which is something I’d not expected to see.
There are numerous people selling bisuits to feed to the deer, which wander around hassling tourists for biscuits and generally chilling. Must be a fairly OK life, as far as such things go.
Visit a temple (huge Buddha statue), and some museums – the temple allows cameras, the museums not. Am depressed to see how bad the English on the explanatory cards in the National Museum is. I fill out a comment form to express this, sadly in almost illegible handwriting. Which is either irony or karma, I’m not sure which.
We only see a tiny part of what’s available in Nara, and so will probably be back in subsequent years.
Train home, then, and have dinner at Haru’s favourite Chinese restaurant – a family business which she’s been going to since she was at school, as much a hangout as a restaurant.