and his very conversational dog

Another day around town: We go to Rokko Island City to visit Le Bonheur, an excellent leather artisan’s shop (both shop shop and workshop), and his very conversational dog. I buy a wallet in his new modular line – basic note-holder and coin-case. Haru gets a marvellous orange bag to match the orange purse she got last time.
We go to the best Indian restaurant in Kobe for lunch – interesting to see how the menu is adapted to Japanese expectations (much as the menu in an Indian restaurant in the UK has been adapted to British expectations). For example, it begins with soup.
In the afternoon to Pen and Message, a cool stationery shop, where I buy a hand-crafted mechanical pencil, which definitely seems like a good idea.
On the way to dinner, to get out of the rain, we drop in to Village Vanguard, two floors of groovy stuff and potential souvenirs. They sell a number of CDs, which all sound interesting, even if they didn’t play them all at the same time, which they do.
We go to a posh restaurant for dinner. Without doubt, the most expensive meal I’ve ever eaten, and the best steak I’ve ever eaten. Everything they say about Kobe beef is true. Sorry, Argentina.