sort of Japanese barbeque tapas

Up at 6:00, sit, breakfast. See Haru off to work.
Play guitar for a bit. Eventually settle down at the computer, doing lettering.
Also upload a track to SoundCloud and MeFiMusic. Seems like a sensible thing to do with all the curious instrumentals I’ve been doing recently. Or at least some of them.
In the afternoon, have a quick meetup with Denise to pass over a hard disk I’ve been copying stuff on to for her.
Ben calls with a quick job to do.
In the evening, after Haru’s got home, we walk up to Soho to have a celebratory dinner, to mark the end of her job. Bincho, which is extraordinarily nice, sort of Japanese barbeque tapas. Or perhaps not like that at all. But nice. Walk home stopping for a sherry at Gordon’s.
Then we have the end-of-month toast.

So the theme for the day is stuff not working

Up at 6:00, sit, breakfast, H goes to work, then I play the guitar for a bit.
It’s taken me over thirty years to discover that if you move ordinary pentatonics up one note in the diatonic scale they go all strange. Actually I possibly found that out in 1979, but I was finding out so many things, it probably got buried.
I spend a long time trying to get the desktop to connect to the internet. Eventually I manage it. I have no idea how but suspect it’s something to do with i.p. numbers.
The flush handle on the toilet breaks off in my hand.
So the theme for the day is stuff not working.
Still didn’t get the stuff I ought to have got done done, but I did go to the market to buy vegetables. I can’t work out whether I’m getting better or worse at this.
On the way back I buy a new flush handle and some plastic boxes.
Home, eat fruit. Fit toilet handle.
Go to the posh shop on Lower Marsh to buy bread. The enthusiastic young lady who sells me the bread (and on leaving I feel a bit underenthusiastic in return) tells me it’s her favourite. I don’t know if she says that about all the bread she sells, but on getting home and trying it can see that it is definitely a contender for “favourite bread”.
One thing I’ve discovered recently is not only paying less for vegetables but if you pay more for things like coffee and bread, they’re nice enough to be worth the extra. Something else I should have learned many years ago.
Make soup.
After H gets home and we begin to eat the soup she points out that this is, in fact, squerd. Which is nice. Not only nice squerd, but also it’s nice that I have become competent at making it.
After dinner I retire to the bedroom and, in lieu of doing something useful, mix instrumentals for a couple of hours. As you do.

More emotional than I thought a utensil shop would get me.

Another day of not-quite-managing-to-get-sorted. Achievement for the day is buying a kilo of Gourmet Noir coffee from the Algerian coffee place (they’re doing a special on it this month, and I wanted to get some more before the end of the month to maximise my savings. It really is yummy). Also, on the way home, stop off at the kitchen shop on The Cut: it’s their last day, forced out by landlords hiking the rent so that they can fit in another coffee shop chain. The shop is full of people being quietly upset and looking for utensils. I buy a wire draining rack and cutlery draining thing, a dayglo spatula, some polythene containers, a preserving jar and a baking tin. On the way out I spurt out something. More emotional than I thought a utensil shop would get me. The flat’s full of things I’ve bought there over the years. Very sad. Home, wash the new things, then cook. The drying rack is very good, we both think so.

Not sure whether it’s civil engineering or art.

During the day… not sure. Playing guitar. Trying to practise things, but ending up beginning to write more things. Is that good?
Walk down to the Old Kent Road and visit the Lidl. Curiously it’s very like all the other Lidl’s I’ve visited across Europe. This might be the only thing that unites Europe, in fact. The cut-price supermarket. Actually, there are more alcohol-free beers in the Spanish Lidl, considerably more, different kinds of fruit juice in the German ones (Germany apparently has a complex relationship with fruit juices), and I don’t think you’d find bottles of real ale in a Lidl anywhere except the UK.
I do feel embarrassingly at home, though.
Walking back find where a brick has been removed from the path, and a bright orange arrow pointing to it. Not sure whether it’s civil engineering or art.
In the evening to the VACcast – lovely evening, I play Unison, Little Games and Iodine. As usual have to remember not to play anything I haven’t written words for yet. Could be embarrassing.
Home late, then.