Not sure whether it’s civil engineering or art.

During the day… not sure. Playing guitar. Trying to practise things, but ending up beginning to write more things. Is that good?
Walk down to the Old Kent Road and visit the Lidl. Curiously it’s very like all the other Lidl’s I’ve visited across Europe. This might be the only thing that unites Europe, in fact. The cut-price supermarket. Actually, there are more alcohol-free beers in the Spanish Lidl, considerably more, different kinds of fruit juice in the German ones (Germany apparently has a complex relationship with fruit juices), and I don’t think you’d find bottles of real ale in a Lidl anywhere except the UK.
I do feel embarrassingly at home, though.
Walking back find where a brick has been removed from the path, and a bright orange arrow pointing to it. Not sure whether it’s civil engineering or art.
In the evening to the VACcast – lovely evening, I play Unison, Little Games and Iodine. As usual have to remember not to play anything I haven’t written words for yet. Could be embarrassing.
Home late, then.