sort of Japanese barbeque tapas

Up at 6:00, sit, breakfast. See Haru off to work.
Play guitar for a bit. Eventually settle down at the computer, doing lettering.
Also upload a track to SoundCloud and MeFiMusic. Seems like a sensible thing to do with all the curious instrumentals I’ve been doing recently. Or at least some of them.
In the afternoon, have a quick meetup with Denise to pass over a hard disk I’ve been copying stuff on to for her.
Ben calls with a quick job to do.
In the evening, after Haru’s got home, we walk up to Soho to have a celebratory dinner, to mark the end of her job. Bincho, which is extraordinarily nice, sort of Japanese barbeque tapas. Or perhaps not like that at all. But nice. Walk home stopping for a sherry at Gordon’s.
Then we have the end-of-month toast.