Sufficiently lavish budgeting is indistinguishable from magic.

Up late.
Walk up to the posh shop on Lower Marsh to get croissants. The lollipop man on Baylis Road ushers several grown-ups across the road. I don’t know why. Perhaps he’s diversifying. Perhaps he’s worried about justifying his job. Perhaps he’s not really a lollipop man at all, this is his strange obsessional hobby. I suppose if he’s still there on Saturday evening…
Get lots of breakfast, anyway, avoiding the lollipop man on the way back.
H goes out erranding, and I, eventually, get back to inspecting a picture in minute detail for stray pixels. Long story.
That takes all day, actually.
In the evening we go over to the V&A to see Peter Greenaway give a lecture. This is actually tremendous fun – he’s got a head-mounted radio mike and is running Keynote on his Macbook Pro on a podium, and he walks around giving instructions to whoever’s doing the mixing (“Turn the volume up” mostly, until the PA starts to crackle), and broadly dissing cinema and “boring text-based culture” in general. I’d really, really like to see one of his shows, but no one in this country will give him the commission to do one.
The work he’s been doing recently looks amazing, actually. I do wonder whether, given that ordinary cinema has effectively been democratized (which he speaks about at length), this is just something that’s technologically unattainable. Well, not just. And expensive. Sufficiently lavish budgeting is indistinguishable from magic.
Anyway, he does answer a couple of questions, but mostly talks and shows films for nearly two hours. The lectures are sometimes little more than an hour, so the ticket price seems a little luxurious. This was a bargain by comparison.
Home, fetching fish and chips on the way, then watch an evening of programmes dedicated to Top of the Pops. By way of contrast.