Then more dithering etc.

Not a day of great stuff happening, mostly (after I get up very late and we have breakfast) dithering, staring into the internet with a bit of playing guitar.
In the afternoon I walk down to East Street Market, but it’s already closed, with the stalls being wheeled up towards wherever they store them, so I walk past the Tibetan Buddhist Centre to see how long it takes to walk home, passing by a pub that’s become a restaurant/venue in Kennington. I read the sign outside, advertising tonight’s performer.
(It takes 18 minutes to get home.)
Then more dithering etc.
A search on something almost unrelated throws up the same restaurant/venue I walked past earlier, which I’d never thought about before.
We watch the Red Nose Day Doctor Whos (great fun), I make dinner (with enough for seconds and Haru’s lunch tomorrow, but as she doesn’t need lunch tomorrow, we call that further seconds), then a documentary about No. 10 Downing Street and another about ancient Athens.