just-the-right-size replacements

Up at 6:30, sit, breakfast.
In the morning I do all sorts of things. As is usual on these occasions, I think I’ve been very productive until I realise what those things actually are – returning some too-small envelopes that I bought; Buying just-the-right-size replacements; blowing air into the ventilator on the video card in the desktop Mac because it tends to block with dust. That sort of thing. A bunch of invoices, which is a good thing.
I buy postage for the envelopes online, but need to go to the post office to send a letter to arrive tomorrow morning. The queue is moving very slowly – the person currently at the counter when I arrive is buying stamps for a very large pile of postcards for all sorts of different countries individually. The chap after him not only wants to pay his council tax bill but also wants large amounts of the form to be explained to him. Apparantly they’ve got rid of all the guaranteed delivery except Special Delivery, which is very expensive. The guy behind the counter also shows resistance to my putting my prepaid envelope on the pile of packages to be collected. I hope it gets there.
On the upside I get empanadas for lunch from the South American restaurant next door to the Post Office.
In the afternoon finally get the work I’ve been trying to finish, finished.
Make carrot soup for dinner, with more delicious bread from the posh shop that H goes out to buy.
In the evening I’d intended to see what the jam at the venue I passed yesterday was like, but when I get there I find it all a bit intimidating (and besides I only wanted to see what was happening tonight, I didn’t want a drink) – looks too much like a posh restaurant, which I suppose it is, and i couldn’t think of a justification for going in, so I walk home.