From that angle. In this light.

Up, sit, breakfast.
Inexplicably, as I’m trying to practise, another potential new piece emerges. This is getting slightly out of hand, not least because lyrics are needed and not forthcoming, so there’s a bit of a log-jam.
Plug the iSight into the desktop Mac, so that I can demo it so I don’t forget it, but the iSight mic isn’t selected, so they’re silent movies (and thus almost useless for that purpose), so I do a quick demo on the Macbook.
Still, it’s nice to have new material, I’m not complaining. It only looks like I’m complaining. From that angle. In this light.
Uploading and waiting for response day. Intended to go to the market, but didn’t. Did receive big packet of envelopes, which is kind of surrealist if you think about it (a parcel.. and in the parcel… ENVELOPES!) Or perhaps only if you think about it too hard, I don’t know.
Make too much food for dinner again, mainly to use up all the ingredients so I have to go shopping tomorrow.
It’s quite a nice new tune, I have to say.