despite the abundance of fruit

Up, sit, breakfast, shower.
Walk to the market in the sunshine, hurrah. I can’t work out whether I’m getting better at the market thing or not. A lot of the time I endeavour to work out whether the oranges (for example) that I’m buying are the sweet ones that will be nice to eat in several days’ time or the ones that will just sit in the bowl and rot to spite me, and I hope I’m getting better at it. I’m certainly beginning to see more variation between the stalls, but to be honest there’s nothing persistent. Some veg isn’t that nice, but some of it just needs to be washed to look good and most of it is fine.
Who knew vegetables could be mysterious?
Home, wash and sample fruit and veg, then out again. Spend a very long time waiting for a bus (12 or 453, either will do, as long as it doesn’t terminate at Whitehall – these are common as pebbles normally, so I don’t know why I needed to wait 20 minutes today) to take me to Regent Street, from where I walk to Old Compton Street to buy a beverage-related gift. On the way I stop of at Lina Stores on Brewer Street and get bread. I could and should have got more – it was very quiet in there, which is unusual for that shop.
Get on the 176 which was already at the stop, get off at Waterloo and go to the Posh Shop to get cheese, tomatoes, salami and jam, then home for a late lunch. The bread is very nice (Italian crusty bread – not sure what kind, should have made a note). One thing about going to the market and proper shops rather than the supermarket, as well as getting fruit and veg cheaper, I’ve noticed that nice bread or cheese from the posh shop (or Lina) for example isn’t that much more expensive than an equivalent from Tesco and the difference in niceness exceeds the difference in price. Being in a situation where I’m making decisions about everything (even if some of the decisions are wrong) rather than just filling up at the supermarket means that I’m deciding to get some things more cheaply, some less cheaply, it works out the same in the end, sort of, but I’m much more aware of the criteria for selecting one thing or another.
Anyway, the point is we eat rather a lot. The downside of nice food.
There are some more small corrections from Walker, so I do them.
In the evening to the Cello Factory (which is a venue, apparently, I thought it was an actual cello factory. Perhaps it also is), just up the road from Konditor and Cook, to see The Emperor of Atlantis, a short, small-company opera with a killer ending. I realise that this sort of thing is what a lot of people I like like.
Notice that there’s a production of Accidental Death of an Anarchist at the theatre down the road. Seems that there’s an upside to the area going upmarket.
On the way home, get chips. So not a health-food day, despite the abundance of fruit.
Run through songs I’ve begun recently. If I could only write lyrics for them I’d have a sets-worth here.