That must be why I bought the parmesan.

OK, I admit it, up at 8:30. I got up, then a part of me decided that I could do with a bit more sleep and…
I’m not proud about it.
Breakfast, then, shower and out to Walker.
A few hours of making large coloured swatches, then off to the dentist, where I’m descaled and have my teeth cleaned deeply. The hygienist makes gnomic statements that I don’t really follow.
Home, pick up some files, then back to Walker and do things with them.
On the way home, stop at the Posh Shop on Lower Marsh for cereal, yoghurt and (unexpectedly) parmesan. Home, then out to get milk so we can have tea.
Make pasta for dinner. That must be why I bought the parmesan.
Evening of nothing in particular, mostly generating nonsense with Yes, That Can Be My Next Tweet.