edging slowly towards becoming something or other

Do manage to get out of bed and sit, so that’s a start. Or a beginning, perhaps. Spend most of the day finishing off dangling threads (invoices sent, fonts finalised, that sort of thing) and doing singing practise, and somehow managing to avoid the great big task I need to do. As one does.
In the evening to David’s for VACtv (not the official name, but I think it looks rather good). Lots of fun as usual. I do 100 Horses, Tiki and My Bumper Book of Lies. Tiki is edging slowly towards becoming something or other. The vocal version, I mean. The instrumental version is already something or other. I get carried away in the transition to the bridge and it’s all momentarily panicky, but generally find myself less phased by the idiosyncrasies of playing in front of (some) people than I have been of late. I buy tea bags and milk on the way there (as I thought he didn’t have either), but since there are already tea bags and David doesn’t drink cow’s milk I bring them home with me.
Decide to get on the Charing Cross train rather than wait four minutes for the Bank train and spend significantly more than four extra minutes walking home. Not my brightest decision, that.