virtual dry-stone walling

Today I mostly managed to avoid building virtual dry-stone walling by revibrating time-management software, which job it was to tell me that it was very urgent to do the virtual dry-stone walling.
Believe me, it’s a lot more interesting if you imagine what that means than if I tell you.
Finally get back to building those virtual walls, then have dinner, then more walls, then package up and add postage to the MeFiSwap disks, which I leave waiting on the table, to be sent in the morning.
Which is at least something I can tick off my to do list, even if it’s not a very significant thing.
(I do find myself putting things on my to do list that I’m about to do, so that I can have the pleasure of ticking them off immediately, you know, like “1. Have cup of tea; 2. Asses practicality of having biscuit – Ginger nut? Chocolate digestive? 3. Save universe. 4. Eat orange” – that sort of thing.)