pseudo- or meta-haggling

Up later than I’d like, generally feeling bleary. Some kind of dream or other. Breakfast, then I walk over to East Street to buy vegetables, which I’ve got quite used to now. No longer get overexcited by the price and buy twice as much as I need. Feel that there’s some pseudo- or meta-haggling going on that I’m not really aware of. As long as I get veg, I don’t really mind. Home via the shopping centre.
Nap slightly, as I’m feeling washed out, then dry-stone walling (virtual), then lunch, more work and off to Brixton to do some website work. Decide to go via Herne Hill, which means no change and also a walk through Brockwell Park, which is nice. The view of the City (and the new buildings at the Elephant and London Bridge) is spectacular. Has anyone ever used it in a movie?
Pleasant catch-up – the design is soon to be replaced by something a lot more snazzy, which I’m thankfully not in charge of, though I will do the building and maintainance. Then go home again by the same route. In danger of being mown down by joggers (seriously – very joggy park, this).
Home, dinner, back to the walls.