a subconscious vocation as a starship captain

Up at nine-ish, and I go on a quest for croissants, finding them at the shop by the Royal Festival Hall. As I walk, I think how nice it is that my foot isn’t hurting.
Home, croissants, then I decide to install Lion on my Macbook. After a false start (I make a partition, download and install, then realise that’s stupid, so I install directly on top of Snow Leopard, which makes more sense) I go over to my father’s to move a television to the storage for him, taking a couple of guitars that I hardly ever play to make space here.
His new TV is so large that even I have to admit it might be a bit large. With the tv and the reclining chair, I wonder if he’s trying to live out a subconscious vocation as a starship captain.
Anyway, load the tv into the car, go round to the store, as I’m lowering the TV onto the trolley, feel my back go in some way. No idea how bad. Still, I had a morning without pain, that’s something. A lot of people don’t even get that.
Pack stuff into the store and go home, where I finish up the installation.
Lion is very cool and modern. I immediately hide all the menu bars, pack all the applications onto different spaces and have them whooshing around when I change from one to another. And then change from one to another for no good reason. I also try an animation experiment in Motion with mixed, but promising, results.
Dinner, more experimenting, the monthly toast and soon bed.