Choose your framing.

Up early again. Or on time, anyway. Or not late. Choose your framing.
The day contains small chunks of Wally interspersed with running, lunch, dinner and the second half of Monster of Peladon and the first half of Planet of the Spiders (today’s classic Dr Who serials). In the latter, the author tries to imply that Tibetan Buddhism is likely to transport giant spiders across space to conquer the earth. Which is probably stretching the aims and scope of the Mahayana vehicle a bit. A character says that he entered the monastery in search of power, which seems extraordinarily misguided to me, but then I have difficulty sitting for more than an hour, so what would I know.
Anyway, it is a bit slanderous, even more than The Daemons is (as people who worship the devil probably would like to raise him, if only because it would make a good party trick. In all my visits to the local Tibetan Buddhist centre, I’ve never heard anything about giant spiders. Perhaps if I went to the Thai Buddhist centre instead).
In the evening, after the late Wallying, the monthly toast

If yay is an appropriate sentiment for up early.

Up early! Yay. If yay is an appropriate sentiment for up early.
Some late Wallying (I really should have finished this stuff on Friday or, at a pinch, yesterday, but not). When I’m done, though, there’s no one to send it to, so I’m not really done.
I watch The Green Death, in which The Doctor defeats giant maggots with Quorn. I quite like Quorn, personally, mutant mold from outer space though it may be, but I can see how giant maggots might find it terminally upsetting.
In the evening, playing with animation software and looking at Illustrator tutorials (to keep my hand in, as it were).

Hurrah, after a fashion.

Up with a hangover, and go for a walk up to Sainsbury’s to buy breakfast. It’s nice out at the moment.
Croissants, coffee, recovery.
Spend the morning not quite getting round to work.
In the afternoon, when I’ve recovered a bit, I go for a run: 20 contiguous minutes. Hurrah, after a fashion. As I go past the Imperial War Museum there’s a young man in traditional Japanese dress checking something on his iPad (I’ve seen a lot more iPads in the wild this last couple of weeks…)
Home, shower, continue to fail.
For dinner I get a lot of noodles from the noodle place, since we seem to be having an indulgent weekend.

There are some very interesting facial expressions in the audience

Up, to the market to get vegetables, then to the supermarket to get breakfast, which is then eaten.
At 12-ish out to go to the VAC garden party, meeting up with Louise on the way and getting there a little later than originally intended, but never mind.
Sit around jamming for a bit, which is fun, then volunteer to kick the music off (Gravity, Learning to Crash, The Rest of Our Lives, Iodine), which I do, and it’s even more fun, at least for me.
After I’m done I set to indulging myself with the food and drink.
The music seems to split into three sets – the first one (where everyone’s together watching the performers), then during the second set we’re divided into enough people to fit into the tent in the torrential rain and the people in the kitchen, then for the third set we’re reconciled again. Which is nice.
Then we go round again. As I’ve indulged myself quite heavily I’m interested to know how it will go so I volunteer to play (My Bumper Book of Lies, River Rise, Little Games). I don’t remember any disasters, but then I wasn’t in the audience, and I’m sure they could give a different account. There are some very interesting facial expressions in the audience that I can’t quite parse.
After the music more indulgence and chatting and Patric gives me lift home, which is very handy.

Perhaps we can call it a draw.

Things I wanted to achieve today that I failed to: Wallying; Going to Spekki Chris’s; Practicing.
Things I wanted to achieve today that I succeeded in: Running; Eating bacon and eggs for breakfast; Eating fish and chips for dinner; Watching the new Doctor Who; Watching series two of Chance in a Million.
Currently watching the Top of the Pops from 1976 which doesn’t seem to count in either category.
Perhaps we can call it a draw.

lulling us into a false sense of security with one before drenching us with the other

Haru gets up early and goes to Oxford for the day. I stay in bed for a bit, then get up and breakfast, then do Stuff.
After lunch I take my old acoustic down to Putney to have a pickup put in it. This is something I should have done twelve years ago rather than cast around for other guitars which I didn’t like quite as much, but which hang around anyway, making the place look untidy.
The weather can’t quite work out whether to shine sunnily or pour torrentially. That, or it’s lulling us into a false sense of security with one before drenching us with the other, out of a perverse sense of fun.
Back to Waterloo, then walk up to Old Compton Street to get my biweekly caffeine blast, then walk home.
Lie down for a bit, then H comes home, then I go to get tonights dinner and tomorrow’s breakfast from the posh shop, before returning to cook the former and put the latter in the fridge, so as to maintain proper sequential ordering.
Watch series one of Chance in a Million, which is wonderful. My favourite episode is the bank one, though it’s worth noting that the last episode of this series has Mandy Rice-Davies in it. Also included is the pilot – the first half is exactly the same as the first episode, the second different actors and a similar situation with a different coincidence (the trouble at the restaurant comes from a mix-up with actors rather than a genuinely pissed-off waiter), which I prefer, though I can see that it doesn’t pay off the first half as well as the broadcast version.
After that, try watching Newsnight, before finding that Mad Max 2 is on the other side, so watch that instead. It’s much more entertaining, and I find the Humungous and Wez to be both less malevolent and more intellectually stimulating than government ministers.

Beyond that, I’m not sure I was pointing in the right direction.

Off to work in the rain. By the end of Vauxhall Walk a woman asks for directions to Lambeth High Street – I point in its general directiona and warn her that it’s nothing like a high street, but she already knows this. Maisying. Lunch – more pea and mint soup, or rather the same pea and mint soup as yesterday, but a bit older and wiser. Short walk in the sun. More Maisying. Even more Maisying. Home at eight, then out for a run. Three lots of five minutes, which is only an achievement next to my lamentable physical condition of a few weeks ago. Coming up Southwark Bridge Road a woman asks directions to Southwark Tube, and I point and she seems grateful, despite the fact that it was a bit of a churlish gesture on my part. Beyond that, I’m not sure I was pointing in the right direction.
Home, shower, dinner, popcorn.

I resist the riffish blandisments and go off to work

Oversleep badly. Body decided it needed more sleep.
A really cool riff tries to distract me from going to work. Riffs are like that. It might count as circumstantial evidence of the case for certain kinds of riff-based music being that of the devil. I wouldn’t know. I do know that I resist the riffish blandisments and go off to work.
Into Walker for more Maisy stuff, with lunchtime break for soup and walk with Ben in the sunshine, talking about various things, including William Latham (whatever happened to him, eh?) and Max Hattler. Interesting phase of Maisy development – basically throwing stuff in the general direction of the paper engineer to see what he does with it, with only a vague sense of what will come of it, and bright ideas appearing over the horizon. I don’t write any of them down, so they’ll probably flicker and fall to earth, but still.
Also call up someone about finally (fifteen years too late) putting a basic pickup in the Ibanez acoustic.
Back home – the sun is still shining – dinner, and do a little bit of a few things, including so very minor wallying, some sound file cleaning up and looking to see what happens if I drop a swirly thing into an emitter in Motion (almost as organic as I was hoping).

there doesn’t, in retrospect, seem to be much purpose to it

More Maisying. Rainy, drizzly day – off to work in the rain (even go back for a raincoat in addition to the umbrella). At lunchtime eat soup and then walk in the threating-to-rain-but-not-quite. Home in the overcast, then out for a run in the drizzle, which is quite good weather for running, actually.
I assume I’m getting fitter. I calculate some of the runs I did in the past, when I was less old, and they seem impossible. Interesting to know that it’s possible to get to Battersea Park then down to Southwark Bridge and home in about ninety minutes, though there doesn’t, in retrospect, seem to be much purpose to it.
After showering and dinnerizing, still feel to brain-bubbly to do actual work, so I try making organic abstracty things for the next CA video.

another adventure for Her Majesty the Mouse

Up, after a fashion, breakfast, practice and eventually off to Walker, where another adventure for Her Majesty the Mouse is initiated.
This takes all day, with a break for soup.
Home, dinner, then redoing Infection and Batteries Not Included. Would have played with animation software, but when I’ve been working in-house my brain goes fairly bubbly and I can’t do anything too complicated. I do play with the filters in FCP X. Ooh, goodie! Here are a whole bunch of visual cliche’s we’ll all be getting very familiar with in the next few months.