too many controls and switches and doo-dahs

As getting up on time is a bit of a losing battle at the moment, I won’t qualify it with “late”. Still, the back feels better, which is nice. Or less un-nice. The downside is that, not having a list of specific things I really need to do (like yesterday), I end up dithering all day. And reading Blender tutorials, which is like dithering but with a veneer of somethingness. Absurdly fully-featured (there’s a whole video-editing annexe, for example, that hardly anyone knows about), but with too many controls and switches and doo-dahs for an old man like me to absorb. And that’s about it. I do tweak the font so that hopefully it doesn’t do what it was doing yesterday any more, but then it does something different. Ho hum. It’s hot. Find it difficult to concentrate when it’s hot. Actually find it difficult to concentrate at any temperature, but heat makes it a dead loss.