apparantly the modern way of doing this

Spent most of the day trying to be professional, which is always a bad move.
What this means is rewriting my CV (which makes me very tense), then cutting and pasting hopefully relevant bits to the Guardian Jobs and Monster websites. I have it on good authority that You Only Have One Chance At A First Impression. It always feels that I have a choice of a number of ways of getting it wrong, but never mind. Anyway, CV, yes.
And LinkedIn, which is apparantly the modern way of doing this, which makes me even more tense, as it all feels a bit like the school disco, except without vodka surreptitiously slipped into the coca cola and no Abba at all. You turn up and try very hard and never get off with anyone. That’s how it feels, anyway.
One achievement of the day is going and picking up a prescription, and then taking it to a chemist who fills out the paperwork and tells me to come back tomorrow to collect most of it. Which is something I’m used to now. Another aspect of modernity is cutting back on stocks that are held so the system keeps breaking all the time.
And I go for a run, the foot and the back recovered enough to allow me (though it will be interesting to see what they have to say about it tomorrow).
And I find someone online who will explain Blender to me very, very slowly. Perhaps a bit too slowly, I don’t know…