almost as good as being organised

Strange day – theoretically it should be cold – bucketing down with rain out there – but actually feel hot, sweaty, bothered and listless. Bah. At least I didn’t have to go out into the rain.
The organisation – or at least the list-making, which is almost as good as being organised – has evaporated somewhat. Am saved from total rubbishness by an influx of corrections, which I get on with, after I’ve managed to unblock some virtual pipe that they were stuck in.
After dinner, more Blender tutorials. I have no idea if this will be useful, but am glad I can find people who can explain stuff at a rate I can more or less take it in. Even if one of them does seem to be eleven years old (perhaps slightly older – his voice drops precipitously throughout the tutorials. I expect he didn’t do any for 2.5+ because he discovered girls or something).