I think the phrase “A Giant Empty” is wonderful.

So today the rain went away and it got cooler. Weather is odd.
Catching some Wally corrections and throwing them back. Failing to do the list of elementary tasks that I’ve got, which I just put forward to next Monday. In between the correction I do Photoshop tutorials, as a simulacrum of keeping busy.
I go for a run, or a jog or a wobble or whatever it is, then back, shower and set off to the Posh Shop to get dinner and tomorrow’s breakfast. The weekend meatiness.
Home, cook dinner and eat it, then drawn inexorably back to the Blender tutorials. I have to point out that even if I do learn anything from these, it won’t be of any use to me in the long run. I’m just curious to see how it’s done. Today I find out how to make a cloth that falls onto the default cube (which is actually as simple as making a square, telling it to be cloth and then watching it fall). I also set up a virtual fan nearby to blow the cloth. This keeps me entertained for a while. I may have found my level.
When looking for instructions on how to get the camera to point at the cloth (which don’t work, by the way, those instructions), someone advises connecting the camera to a “giant empty”, which you then place where you want the camera to point. I think the phrase “A Giant Empty” is wonderful.