Still, flag. Flappy.

Up very late, after some dreams I can’t remember, but which seemed more attractive than real life for a while.
Bacon and egg for breakfast.
Spend a lot of time trying to construct a flag, flapping in the wind. Sometimes it works, other times it goes completely mad. Then I decide to put a design on the flag, and it goes mad again. I’m learning a lot, but wonder how long the information will stay embedded in my brain. Still, flag. Flappy.
Dinner is fish and chips (yes, I said all day. Yes, I could have used the day differently, but I didn’t). As I go out of the door it starts to drizzle a bit. By the time I get to the chip shop it’s pouring down. Weather saw me coming again.
After dinner watch a documentette on Al Jazeera about Lebanese musicians, but am drawn back to the computer again. This time I make a shoal of fish oil capsules. The relative simplicity of this compared to the flag is offset by the fact that only I will know they are a shoal of fish oil capsules.
And I play with the sculpt tool, which is bonkers.