but I do learn how to fake gold

So the first thing I have to do is walk over to East Street Market and buy vegetables. No, wait, the first thing is the putting on trousers thing. Trousers first, market second. And having done that and come home laden with a knapsack full of food I go off in the other direction to get croissants.
I wonder if there’s some kind of class-based mapping in that: South-ish for veg; North for croissants.
I have no idea.
During the day I manage to do Fat Pipes and Vitamin B Complex (and this latter takes a long time), which means I have two words left and I’ve finished the first draft. Sadly, the technique for one of these is eluding me a bit, and the concept for the other one is eluding me completely.
I go and run around.
Haru makes an excellent dinner, and I get back to trying to make a volatile nuclear reaction. Well, it’s Sunday, isn’t it.
I spend all evening doing that. Meltdown fails to happen, but I do learn how to fake gold.