Christmas Day quiet

A very strange day.
Mostly a day of trying to get things done, and not quite succeeding – like making a three-second movie, which then takes four hours to render, holding up the Desktop computer, and then turns out wrong anyway. I do manage to get to the bank, the postbox and pick up the rest of my prescription, but that’s about it. Not an achievement day.
The evening, of course, is taken up with watching the internet report the steadily increasing apocalypse that’s engulfing London. I suppose in retrospect there was a sort of vein of dread running through the day, which pays off in the evening. Apparantly they got as far as the Old Kent Road and Walworth Road, and there were reports of gangs around the Elephant & Castle. But outside it was incredibly, Christmas Day quiet. Which was worse somehow. Not worse than an actual riot, obviously, but to he honest it usually sounds like there’s a riot out there after 11:00 and tonight… nothing. We were very worried that it would get loud all of a sudden.
So we end up staying up well after three. Unlikely to rise too early tomorrow.