a meticulous but cack-handed animatio

Some Wally stuff to do. Um. That’s almost it, actually. At about three (it takes a lot longer to do the stuff than I thought it would) it was clear that there wasn’t going to be any more to do. Looking back, though, the time’s a complete blank. The news on the internet about the recent hoo hah isn’t as interesting as it was: since there’s nothing actual to report, it’s mostly lectures on what we’re supposed to think about it. Dip into Twitter, which was a mistake.
Ho hum.
Lots of police vans with sirens blaring. Perhaps that’s part of the strategy – to intimidate the youth with blaring sirens.
After dinner, finally finish the last two words – Uranium 235 and Customer Incentives – on the one hand with a meticulous but cack-handed animation and on the other with a cop out. That said, it’s done now, and I can get on with the re-doing.