waffles don’t really fit into that plan

Nothing really pressing, so I go for a run in the morning – the current route takes me up Black Prince Road, along Lambeth High Street and back down Lambeth Bridge Road – and in the afternoon, as the tea is about to run out and the coffee’s down to its last few cafetiere’s, I walk up to Algerian Coffee and get this fortnight’s caffeine fix. This month’s coffee special is Mocha Parfait, which will make a change. Walk home via Fopp (where I listen to side one of Bowie’s Low playing over the house sound system. What a remarkable-sounding record it is. I should listen to it again, properly) and Robert Dyas (where I decide not to buy a waffle-iron, partly because it would be silly to have another appliance to gather dust, partly because I’m supposed to be trying to lose weight, and waffles don’t really fit into that plan).
Over the bridge from Charing Cross and I wander downriver to Waterloo Bridge, via the exhibition of huts they’ve set up.
Home. Lie down for a bit. Make dinner. Edit the video I shot on the South Bank.
I suppose I must be getting my weekend in early. Let’s see what comes up tomorrow.