both exacting and jaded

A bit dithery, really. Catching up with what I may be doing next week, maybe. Making a PDF (and doing some tweaks that I’d like to see done before the PDF is made), and then… golly, what happened to those three hours? Or was it four? Huh. Some of it was spent compiling words of ten letters that begin with M for a comment that was almost immediately deleted, which pretty much served me right, as a long list of ten-letter words beginning with M wasn’t an appropriate response in that thread at that time.
Then up to the shop to get breakfast for tomorrow and dinner for tonight, which turns out to be not only very meaty, but very meaty with chips. It is Friday after all (I originally intended to get parsley and make kedgeree, but the meatiness called out to me).
After dinner I watch the second half of The Web of Fear (first appearance of Brigadier Lethbridge-Stewart, as a colonel) while grabbing samples to put in an online portfolio. Of course, I see details that I’d really rather have done differently at the time, and the time is maybe three years ago, so it’s fair to say it’s a bit late now.
Also look for interesting Photoshop tutorials, just for practise, but don’t find many. There are loads of tutorials, but not as interesting as I’d like. Because I’m both exacting and jaded, I suppose.