even if there’s an element of gambling in it

First, up to the South Bank to get croissants from someone who didn’t seem to know exactly what he was doing, but was doing it in quite a servile way. I wonder if capability can actually be replaced with excessive politeness. Still, the croissants are nice, especially with the Mocha Parfait.
Later on, off to the market to get fruit and vegetables. Actually, this time mostly fruit, as their don’t seem to be many decent vegetables around today. Perhaps because it’s a Sunday. The thing about street markets is that the ebb and flow of actual economic forces have an effect, as opposed to the supermarkets who can hit things with hammers until they provide what is wanted. On the other hand the fruit from the market is cheaper and a bit nicer (for example, the apples taste of apples), even if there’s an element of gambling in it (will the oranges last until I can eat them all or just rot in the bowl?)
I suppose I can go back for mushrooms and courgettes some other time.
Working on sound files, which I’ve not done in a while, but it feels like it’s the thing that needs to be done today. These are recorded in a slightly different way – the setup will require a new workflow. Huh.
H makes excellent chickpea curry for dinner (after I’ve gone out to get the chickpeas) and then back to the sound file.
I should work out what I’m going to do tomorrow before I go to bed, that way the day won’t be such a surprise when it bonks me on the head.