Perhaps there’s some hermetic meaning to it all

Up early, sit, breakfast, practise.
In the morning, I walk over to Walker to see if I left a pen case there a few weeks ago. It’s really beginning to annoy me that I can’t find it. I hadn’t, but it’s good to get out of the house.
My passport arrives by special delivery – they accepted the photo with glasses on. Hardly seems to be the point, though, as the way it’s printed renders the photo unviewable (perhaps it’s clearer on the chip they’ve embedded in it) and the pages themselves are incredible – I expect the idea was to make them unforgeably complicated, but they look like every banknote from the last thirty years chopped up and collaged together, with watermarks and weather forecasting symbols thrown in for good measure. Perhaps there’s some hermetic meaning to it all, I don’t know. It’s a bit much, design-wise, though. I don’t suppose that matters, really.
Later I go for a run in the sunshine, dodging round tourists outside the Imperial War Museum, but mostly on a route that avoids difficult situations (i.e. tourists). Not suggesting they’re bad people, but when people go on holiday, they don’t seem to have enough room in their suitcase to pack their brains. There’s something in the weather keeping it cool enough to run around in even given the sunshine. Probably the intermittent rain that goes off without warning.
Home, shower, lie on the floor for a bit, a bit more playing, eat a lot of fruit and go off to David’s for the final VACtv for the time being, as he’s found another proper venue. Very nice evening. The VAC family lives.
Home just before 11. Eat rather more than I should considering the lateness of the hour, but I’ve not had solid food apart from a couple of pieces of bread at David’s.