hopeful that it will be so considered in the future

Oversleep – I was tired when I got back last night. Spend most of the day grimly circling the task of writing a lot of words to describe jobs I’ve done in the past few years, which is something I don’t enjoy at all. Luckily the way I’ve done it, I may be able to copy and paste between similar jobs. But does that mean I’m lazy? Ugh.
Walk up to the shop and get supplies for dinner, then make dinner, then get back to trying to write words. Still haven’t found my pen, which is continuing to worry me. However, I have ordered a copy of The Strange World of Gurney Slade, along with L’Illusionist and the complete Chance in a Million. I realise that ordering DVDs isn’t currently considered analogous to doing something constructive, but am hopeful that it will be so considered in the future.