the way of the week

The pattern for work at the moment seems to be that whatever it is gets batted on to the next day for one reason or another – that I need a piece of information from someone just after they’ve left the office, for example. So this morning I’m mopping up the things I thought I’d get finished yesterday, and tomorrow I’ll be doing the things I thought I’d get done this evening. And in between these things, I walked over to Walker to pick up the Sleepwalker corrections (that I didn’t do this evening but will hopefully manage tomorrow unless something else comes up, which is likely as that’s the way of the week).
Generally speaking the weather is vile. I don’t mind trudging to-and-fro under my umbrella, but I’m very glad I’m not here on holiday, as I’d feel rather short changed. (Or perhaps not, as filthy weather is what you expect from London. It was like this in Barcelona in July a few years ago and I definitely felt sorry for the tourists on the return journey, who’d had authentically British vile weather, and had no one to complain to about it. In Barcelona you expect blue skies, and usually get them).
Oh well, soon it will be September, and the kids will go back to school and the sun will come out to taunt them.